Joshua James – The New Love Song

*I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS SONG* I simply love the artist and want people to hear his wonderful music. Please support him by buying his albums, visit: or or iTunes to purchase his albums. Song Title: The New Love Song Artist: Joshua James Album: The Sun Is Always Brighter So you say you want a love song, One to move your feet onto. I’ll sing a real life tune. So you say you want a love song, One to trick your girlfriend with. I hope my little number will do So 1,2,3 Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohm… Let’s stop our busy lives awhile, With the many, many people, Across the many miles of earth, That have no clothes, no food to eat. And what about the air we breathe, To the food we eat, Are filled with things that kill, Our deaths are closer than we think. Well another silly love song could make me sick, About a stupid emo rocker and his messed up chick. Who were so deaf, dumb and blind we can’t see the candlestick Burnin’ down. So oh oh oh oh oh oh oh She woke up on her Monday morn. It’s just another cup of coffee, In her run down place called home. She makes her way out to the car. The radio blares to drown All the many, many faces in her life, That at one time cared. But they have all moved away and gone. And now to work she goes, Removing all her clothes For all the perverse older men in our sickly generation. But they don’t, no they don’t give a damn. Well another silly love song could make me sick, About a stupid emo rocker and

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19 Responses to Joshua James – The New Love Song

  1. plobbi says:

    yeah im the first who dislike xD

  2. lalaNamber says:

    Damn I love song !

  3. kudigudi says:

    This guy is Local for me! I saw him in concert at the Caberet Velour! Talked with him even, intense guy!

  4. devilen04 says:

    :) T

  5. agilefuseconsulting4 says:

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  6. amandaesiquiel says:

    I like the way he wrote about human selfishness in a wider sense than it really seems. I can’t count how many times these same ideas went through my mind whenever I had to meet people’s so stupid banal trouble-situations, without mentioning their talent to not see what’s beyond themselves in the world.

  7. wardrobeluver says:

    the lyrics are amazing.

  8. AbeniLuYing says:

    this is the best song ever!! the chorus is genius!!! haha <3

  9. joshuaneice says:

    @sylviaarteaga How true is that! I hate when messed up singers write stupid songs about okay i have no clue what im talking about but i have to say i agree with joshua completly!

  10. joshuaneice says:

    @pigamous3 i dont know but im just saying if there were! :)

  11. sylviaarteaga says:

    “Well another silly love song could make me sick, about a stupid emo rocker and his messed up chick.”


  12. Sretsej says:

    saw him live yesterday. f*cking awesome show. i was really only there to see 3eb but i LOVED joshua james too!!!

  13. pigamous3 says:

    It certainly makes most of life’s “problems” seem very trivial, doesn’t it?

  14. olivePLUSpenny says:

    this song makes me think more about life. and how stupid my problems are compared to others. i wish more people would listen to this song, and just think.

  15. pigamous3 says:

    Where is there a rude comment? Yes, it bothers me and I delete each one.

  16. joshuaneice says:

    doesnt it bother you when people leave rude comments about him?

  17. joshuaneice says:

    love this song!!!!!

  18. shutupandlistenOR says:

    i love this,

  19. oXORawrEmoRangersOXo says:

    I love this song <3 ;]
    too bad not a lot of people heard of him :/

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