The Mijonju Show – I love Rangefinder Cameras

Probably the Longest Video I’ve ever made, so get a cup of coffee and some tidbits sit back and have a 15mins break by listening silly mijonju talk about his love for rangefinder cameras. JohnnRaMusic amazing intro for the Mijonju Show! Thanks! My good old friend Jake, thanks for the background music! Dale Campbell, thanks for the outro! your guitar performance is superb! Original Olympus XA advert Spiderman uses a rangefinder
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to The Mijonju Show – I love Rangefinder Cameras

  1. p4e81 says:

    ive got a canonet ql17 coming my way in a few days :D cant wait to play with it!

  2. caitlinx54 says:

    Where did you get all of these… I want to order a few from ebay.. But I’m scared they wont work… :

  3. Anthony77769 says:

    Dude as I was watching your video my first rangefinder arrived in the mail!!!!!!! Dude it was AWESOME it was a Voigtlander R2a with a 35mm f1.4 Nokton classic

  4. Rubayeth123 says:

    Hey Mijonju, I wanted to send a message to you via YouTube messaging, about my Photography Project that I am undertaking. However I found out that you can only receive messages sent by your friends on YouTube. So I was wondering if you time, could you add me as a friend (temporarily) and be able to read my message as it will help me a lot in my Street Photography Project.

    (Can everyone else please like this comment so that it can be seen and read by Mijonju)

    Thanks You


  5. chrisongtj86 says:

    That camera case that you’ve made looks amazing!

  6. binary42 says:

    Missed one of my favorite rangefinders, the Mamiya 7. Highly recommend checking it if you don’t mind shooting 120/220.

  7. simozonelayer says:

    Hey, Zorki 4!
    I love my Zorki 4K. It has a sharp Jupiter 8 lens.

  8. Anthony77769 says:

    Im so freakin jealous of you

  9. ajnt77 says:

    Hey, Mijonju. I love your show! I really want to get into buying rangefinders, you have convinced me how great they are (I even got one a few weeks ago: the Polaroid 420 Land Camera), but I wish to know which is a really good starter rangefinder that isn’t too expensive that I can do street, and general photography with, that also has decent to good glass?

  10. bwinn10 says:

    Awsome vids ive been thinking of picking up a range finder for some time ive tryed out the m9 with the 50mm summilux asph and it was therapeutic to say the least lol.

  11. HaRdCoRePhAn9i6 says:

    so for a rangefinder camera, you try to overlap the two images in the middle of the frame in order to get it into focus, but how do you focus on something that’s on the right side or left side of the frame? i really want to try one of these cameras out now. they seem really cool. lol

  12. ksamusmith says:

    Dude! You shoot more words per second than a EOS 1D !!!! chill out! :) lol

  13. aarondkeogh says:

    @bbreeg26 You have clearly never heard of eBay then

  14. Whiteboyintokyo says:

    @Mijonju Hi, I just uploaded my video about the Leningrad! If you’d like to, take a look:)

  15. IXIBobOhIXI says:

    Damnit Mijonju! You made me get a Ricoh Auto Half! Now I want a rangefinder!

  16. Nicaud92 says:

    @Mijonju Oh, they seem to be quite rare, especially in working condition. They are from the mid 50s-late 60s . And have a spring mechanical wind advance, so theoretically you can get maybe 3 frames in a second on it…which for a rangefinder is quite neat (i think) I wish I had a video of it up.. dang…
    They are quite unusual cameras, very finicky.. and it doesnt have any sprocket “teeth” so with each advance the space between exposures gets slightly wider. :/ but are pretty awesome looking!

  17. Mijonju says:

    @Nicaud92 is that like the zorki4 camera?
    dont have it sorry :)

  18. Nicaud92 says:

    @Mijonju do you have a GOMZ Leningrad Rangefinder? I just subscribed and havent seen all of your videos… Digitalrev sent me :D

  19. Yesitis808 says:

    Hang, I gotta switch heads.

  20. bbreeg26 says:

    hey mijonju do u know any good websites where i can order rangefinders like the ones in the video?

  21. chefslot says:

    Ok, so can i use one of these camera’s as a range finder to find range?? Stupid question i know, maybe lol

  22. oxaxap says:

    I don’t wanna be rude. But, how can you afford that much cameras?
    BTW, im bought a rangefinder this week. Loving it soo far =)

  23. Mijonju says:

    @nationofpomation 9:20, there’s my Nokton f1.1:)
    1:28 thats the f0.95 50mm, quite legendary aswell

  24. nationofpomation says:

    Man, all of what you said is so true. I don’t like SLRs because they feel so impersonal. Also, have you thought about maybe getting a Voiglander Nokton? They’re a lot cheaper.

  25. aminozuur says:

    Dude, you’re a God. The world just doesn’t know it yet.

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